Why I Became a Chiropractor

To be honest I had no clue what chiropractic was about. My family had never been before and I didn’t know any chiropractors. I was studying computer information systems at Arizona State University with plans to open my own business in the computer industry that I had loved since 7th grade. With three months left until graduation, a chiropractor hired me to be his office manager. I saw suffering, pain, stress, and worry coming into the office and hope, relief, gratitude, and smiles leaving the office. Seeing that dramatic change in the lives of people really inspired me. Seven days after I graduated I drove to Iowa to start looking for housing for my wife and new daughter to start a new career path. It just felt right to me and my wife.

My Education

I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. I chose that location because it was the birthplace of chiropractic. During my chiropractic coursework, I was very interested in the adjustment. I would ask any doctor to adjust me. I was researching what I liked and what I didn’t like. My conclusion from my personal research was to focus more on low force adjusting and I have become Board Certified in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. I have taken coursework in Activator Methods Technique, Sacro-Oc cipital Technique, and Thompson Drop Technique.

My Chiropractic Mission

My mission is to create positive lifestyle changes in families. This will be accomplished by educating families of certain principles.

  • Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating.
  • The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body.
  • Nerve interference decreases our body’s ability to function and adapt.
  • Chiropractic removes nerve interference which allows our bodies to heal, function and adapt better.If I can liken a chiropractic adjustment to computers, I press your “health reset button”. Your body is generally in a stuck pattern due to physical, chemical, or emotional stress. Using the health reset button technique I help sick people get well and help well people stay that way.

My Personal Life

My family and I rarely go see our medical doctor. I choose to be checked by a health reset button specialist aka chiropractor at least once or twice a week. I estimate I received over 70 nerve interference elimination procedures (aka adjustments) this past year. I choose better food choices. I choose to be positive in the way I think. I choose to be physically active. I do not take prescription drugs or over the counter medication. I do not vaccinate my children because some ingredients are extremely toxic to the body and the delicate nervous system. Because I keep my body healthy I allow it to fight off infection, sickness, and disease on its own, without chemicals/drugs. I have 8 children. Their names are Angela, Rebekah, Patrick, Adam, Shelley Rae, Sara, Jennifer, and Nickolas. I always say I have the best children on the planet. I love to be outdoors swimming, skiing, hiking, or scuba. I enjoy playing board games, card games, Foosball, and sports. Basically, I love to play.


You and Your Health. How Can We Help?

Enough about me! There are four keys to wellness.

  • The first is chiropractic
  • The second is a healthy diet.
  • The third key is regular exercise.
  • The fourth key is healthy thoughts.

Since your nervous system controls the absorption of nutrients and digestion, muscle balance and tone, emotions, mood and immune function we need to make sure your precious nervous system is functioning properly. When was the last time your nervous system has been checked? What I consider a more important question is, have your child’s nervous systems, including your infant’s, been checked before abnormal patterns set in? As parents don’t we want our children to have the greatest opportunities for success in everything they do? To me a healthy nervous system ranks at the top of the list for those opportunities. Have them get nervous system checkup before they add the years of stress and end up where most of America is right now.

Call now to set up an appointment for you and your family to have an evaluation of how your nervous system is functioning and have your health reset button pressed or your nerve interference elimination procedure performed or receive an adjustment.

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